"We Still Don't Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day"

ANO HA NA botm

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this botm is going to be chosen from my friends not from tumblr to make it unbiased. Going to be based on the different categories offered so it’s like a mini tumblr awards and there will be 4 winners (1 for each week during the month but could still ask for promos during the month just that during that week it will be more focused on the individual for that week)


  • mbf me (it is for da followers)
  • reblog at least once (could reblog more but make sure it’s not one after the other or else it wont register)

and that’s all for da rules!

now onto the categories:

  • best theme (could be from any type of blog) (week 1)
  • best mixed (could be any mix of asian stuff ex.anime, photography, kpop) (week 2)
  • best posts/kfashion (going to choose from archive) (week 3)
  • best overall (very general so everyone has a chance to win :3) (week 4)

Winner can get whatever promo they wish during the month (including a follow back~), help with polls, codes etc, and a talkative fwend ;3 reblog until the end of July, and winners will be announced and messaged on august 1st :)


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